Secrets and lies ch1

With some negotiations and a lot of threats the party has met a few people to get them to Fellaru (the gnome kingdom)

Starting off in Terruk (orc land) the party talks to a old crone. She arranges for the navigation starting with Asmodeus’s spear. (a shard of stone above the surface of the ocean. It can cut steel.)

Tasker, a gnome exile with a penchant for gambling. has envoyed the party to the connections they need. the party does not appreciate that he beat them at cards. (mostly through sheer luck)

At Fellaru, the hidden gnome kingdom. Medra (A changling with penchant for trickery and mayher)

In the “Black lying forest of ultimate forbideness” a whole bunch of illusory terrain and foes. as well as a tower of babel effect.

side notes: Phebus, a man 50 years older than chae, looks like chae with a sharper chin and a bit taller, some kind of blade wizard. He was a drinker, a foul mouth and had a catchphrase “it’s better when i’m drunk” back when around. went missing 27 years ago. friends with the previous king of the hidden kingdom. Investigating spiral towers. Living members of the party include: Gorko- half fiend orc somewhere in tureth and Vim- Warforged wanderer trying to get to everywhere he’s heard of/

The orcs apparently have a ancient bogey man called “Grenvok” and a few stories about his notably a song.

12 tin soldiers in 2 rows
7 fall how do we know
one spreads rats across the land
next one, fire springs from his hand.
third will forever speak no more,
and fourth has skies turn dark and pour
five and six fight far away,
to make things dark or make things grey.
And last the king denied his rest
waits with heart tore out his chest.
As for the five who stayed to stand
(each with their own precious band)
with the armies that they led,
won the war but wound up dead!

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