Secrets and lies ch2

MUAD’DIB: the adapted kangaroo mouse of Terruk, a creature associated in earth-spirit mythology. This creature is admired by The Glakurk for its ability to survive in the open desert.

See Muad’dib: proper name; Small Kangaroo rat with affinity for the party. In most particular Chae. Metabolism able to process more than his body weight of food in a day. Notable skills, the ability to smell and recognize teleport circles. Ability to recongize names of pheebus and former comrades of pheebus. Ability to break through magic circles requiring a level 20 creature Rune of immortality on his belly, which in turn smells like crackers.

The Demon Targphilionel lies dead. The excorcism of Feyra is successful. Mostly. The Succubus known formerly as the changeling Medra has taken Feyra’s soul and given it to one of her king’s servants. Said soul lies in the shard of Varthagin (the sword of Grevane) which has been removed.



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