The Evil has landed.

A Man who figures himself a clever man, tried to black mail the party with something he hadn’t yet set up. He got to live.

A strange inventor with too much time on his hands gave the party directions. He apparently writes things down because his brain is full.

The eye of vecna was eaten by the dweller on the threshold. A being behind the frozen mirror that has been met before.

It was later found that the vision of Huru the Bulwark of the forsaken had landed. It was all the way up in Hulegard,and the party found the bodies of her first victims by accident. The giants in the north were reacting to her. Some were leaving the area, some were trying to join her, and many tried to kill her.

After some rough interrogation of a tattooed man. (his tattoo matched her brand of ruin)

Two earth titans and about 100 slaves were trying to exhume a magical power source. It was being unburied from an ancient city’s iron tower. When defeated and the power source breached, a forest filled with life filled the pit.

Mayher’s Demonic foe lies somewhere in keoland trying to start a war.



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