Down the rabbit Hole

Gorko The half fiend chieftain has been met. He has much distain for civilization. Phebus was captured near a old zone of madness. A war was fought there and the Tieflings fell. The iron spike came and ate Phebus years ago. But in doing so it left a small crack open from where it came to where the madness lies in Tureth.

With some work the Iron maw came forth and swallowed the spearpoint marauders. They went to the lake of fire. Phebus had a cell which he had killed himself in. Muad’dib had escaped from there. Phebus’s corpse had explained the Spiral towers. That they adapted themselves to be useful to each civilization so they would be protected even after their purpose had been forgotten.

Secrets and lies ch2

MUAD’DIB: the adapted kangaroo mouse of Terruk, a creature associated in earth-spirit mythology. This creature is admired by The Glakurk for its ability to survive in the open desert.

See Muad’dib: proper name; Small Kangaroo rat with affinity for the party. In most particular Chae. Metabolism able to process more than his body weight of food in a day. Notable skills, the ability to smell and recognize teleport circles. Ability to recongize names of pheebus and former comrades of pheebus. Ability to break through magic circles requiring a level 20 creature Rune of immortality on his belly, which in turn smells like crackers.

The Demon Targphilionel lies dead. The excorcism of Feyra is successful. Mostly. The Succubus known formerly as the changeling Medra has taken Feyra’s soul and given it to one of her king’s servants. Said soul lies in the shard of Varthagin (the sword of Grevane) which has been removed.

Secrets and lies ch1

With some negotiations and a lot of threats the party has met a few people to get them to Fellaru (the gnome kingdom)

Starting off in Terruk (orc land) the party talks to a old crone. She arranges for the navigation starting with Asmodeus’s spear. (a shard of stone above the surface of the ocean. It can cut steel.)

Tasker, a gnome exile with a penchant for gambling. has envoyed the party to the connections they need. the party does not appreciate that he beat them at cards. (mostly through sheer luck)

At Fellaru, the hidden gnome kingdom. Medra (A changling with penchant for trickery and mayher)

In the “Black lying forest of ultimate forbideness” a whole bunch of illusory terrain and foes. as well as a tower of babel effect.

side notes: Phebus, a man 50 years older than chae, looks like chae with a sharper chin and a bit taller, some kind of blade wizard. He was a drinker, a foul mouth and had a catchphrase “it’s better when i’m drunk” back when around. went missing 27 years ago. friends with the previous king of the hidden kingdom. Investigating spiral towers. Living members of the party include: Gorko- half fiend orc somewhere in tureth and Vim- Warforged wanderer trying to get to everywhere he’s heard of/

The orcs apparently have a ancient bogey man called “Grenvok” and a few stories about his notably a song.

12 tin soldiers in 2 rows
7 fall how do we know
one spreads rats across the land
next one, fire springs from his hand.
third will forever speak no more,
and fourth has skies turn dark and pour
five and six fight far away,
to make things dark or make things grey.
And last the king denied his rest
waits with heart tore out his chest.
As for the five who stayed to stand
(each with their own precious band)
with the armies that they led,
won the war but wound up dead!

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The Evil has landed.

A Man who figures himself a clever man, tried to black mail the party with something he hadn’t yet set up. He got to live.

A strange inventor with too much time on his hands gave the party directions. He apparently writes things down because his brain is full.

The eye of vecna was eaten by the dweller on the threshold. A being behind the frozen mirror that has been met before.

It was later found that the vision of Huru the Bulwark of the forsaken had landed. It was all the way up in Hulegard,and the party found the bodies of her first victims by accident. The giants in the north were reacting to her. Some were leaving the area, some were trying to join her, and many tried to kill her.

After some rough interrogation of a tattooed man. (his tattoo matched her brand of ruin)

Two earth titans and about 100 slaves were trying to exhume a magical power source. It was being unburied from an ancient city’s iron tower. When defeated and the power source breached, a forest filled with life filled the pit.

Mayher’s Demonic foe lies somewhere in keoland trying to start a war.

This is the Adventure Log!
now you guys can do this too.

Get my money -you are each owed some cash by a missing man -you get the money back from a goblin named iron tooth.

Shaderock is bad. -Goblins want to seed shaderock and make death. -you stop them.

Missing girl. -girl died but won’t be raised by feylock -Fey lock dies and girl lives

Irontooth has returned. -more Shaderock is rampant. -Iron tooth is captured. -Iron tooth is destroyed by winky. -Winky is imprisoned in a big clay ball.

Make malagar mortal -Dragonborn council is approached to make information known. -A frozen mirror shows the party their deaths. -Feylock is revived in exchange for making malagar mortal.

Kill Malagar the black -Read label

Mayher under investigation -given a misson/test. Go get some evil demon names bring them back to us. They are on an indestructable piece of metal. -Temple sank beneath the earth. A long time ago for blashphemy. -Man trades info with naga and leads you the right way.

Thulsa doom is Scary -read label – Konan has a sister who lived. She is now a weapon in Doom’s hands.

Sage sought out for information on fey -Saved sage from gnolls. Information given

PUPPIES! -Blink hell hounds burn a village because they’re being scared. – Grevane? Wants helldogs. Instead he is insulted and his amulet shattered.

Ballroom blitz -Feylock attacks ballroom by posessing people -Changling later revealed to be sister of feylock helps

I hate my mother -Feylock lays trap for feyra and her mother at ancient ruin. -Feyra’s mom gives a piece of an ancient sword for saving her life.

Feylock’s between worlds. -destroying his home base means feylock can’t just attack at random with impunity.

Witch malfunctioning. -read the label -Old rival was using Haylee’s life force as a focus. Turns out she was posessed by and OUTSIDER -May have been one of the black 7.

Clash with Feylock. -Feylock was trying something with one of six spiral towers in the world. They are ancient and adapt themselves to the knowledge of the age. -Mayher dies from sudden deceleration -Mayer dies with a feylock on his sword. -Konan likes succubi. -Chae kills a troll with his cigar. -Feyra uses the blade of Grevane on feylock.

Anger management -Chae raises Mayher. -bunch of monks have magic sap their anger and put it into a pit. It got loose. -Dubin helps.

Wedding hijinks -Wedding is meddled with. -Baby come back. -Demon set loose, Fergus crippled

False chosen one -Milhavra. An elf from furyondy, faked her way out through Buron, and came back as a champion Having: Survived the undead, alone in the night. Killed a giant with a single blow. Defeated the hate of holy men. Suffered the spear of the devils.

Konan is missing!! -Chae doesn’t read correspondance. -Konan’s sister is freed.

Mayher & his ma -Mayher wants to pardon his mother’s debt.

Thriller night. -Venca cultists are trying to influence a great machine under Furyondy. – The machine is something that has a seal and a dracolich. -The party decided to keep the doors closed. -Former thieves are turning up vampired

Rumpus room of the damned -not as fun as advertised. -found lightning fields of tor. See Vecna and the lightning gun

Konan the Luskan i mean Cimmerian -Need fake traveling papers, stop off in luskan. Beat up a guy and take them. -Run into Rextor. Repeatedly Drug him. -Subotai and Akiro escape luskan.

Feyra has a brother -so yeah.

Haylee’s family -Turns out that haylee is descended from an insane powermad archmage. -so yeah.

Vecna and the lightning gun Turns out there’s big lighting gun. -the lightning fields of Tor – Vecna tried to use it to influence a big city. – ther’s no lightning gun anymore.

Jury Duty. -Called in to be unbiased dispute on will. -Rakshaska tried to uncover the hand of vecna. It’s gone and hidden somewhere amongst some old dwarf tombs.

Chae finally Priest.

Rextor working. -some cimmerian type raiders have started trying to reclaim the lands of Thulsa doom. They’ll be on this continent in winter. -Rextor not in charge. -Upon questioning his body, turns out that he’s being led by a woman of great strength and ruthlessness. – MetallicA the great beast of iron has been killed.

Merrik goes crazy. – tries to open up rift and bring in zombies – the cloak, highly illusory, hides numbers. Got away? – 2 apprenti left city. -working with vampires/thieves/Vecna cultists? -Dubin helps

Resuce of Haylee’s uncle from someone. Active -turns out it’s her anscestor. – and she eats mages.

Lareen Falls -The vampire priestess of Vecna is now been defeated. -the cult of vecna is crippled and now the eye of vecna is in the party’s hands

A city on the other side of the world -A “Great Work” is supposedly in a hidden city of mages known as Magrathea, though it appears to the outside world as a small village. -Passing through Urha a holy city of Avandra the city is found behind and through the canyons. -Mayher is introduced to a young lady who he has on untowards relations with. -Chae has repeated inventive and suggestedly rough “ecounters” with a tour guide. -After sealing an atropal back in its tomb, the party stops to reflect on the idea that Princess Renamei, Mika the barbarian, and Lyra the thief have joined forces.


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